Thesis Continued: Post-Graduation

Think differently. When embarking on a design thesis, this is what we are always told... think differently.

In the summer of 2006 I began thinking about what I should do for my architectural thesis. The simple question of 'What to do?' caused me to plunge into my past and relive fond experiences I had of growing up in Washington, DC. It all came back to the childhood memories that I had about urban corners. Urban corners acted as a communal gathering point; and my thought was that the social and magnetic energy that occurs at these points, the corners, could act as a catalyst in reviving a decaying neighborhood! I get excited all over again just thinking about it!

After traveling back in time, doing tons of research, discovering the source of the problem, and developing a claim. I became immensely eager, even borderline obsessed, and genuinely wanted to find an organic way to reshape America's abandoned urban blocks. My theory about galvanizing corners and intersections was just that, a theory. Now, approaching three years post-graduation I ask myself why after graduating college I never pursued the idea any further.

The answer: Working behind that desk in corporate America can consume you! Looking back, a lot of my fellow classmates had some really interesting architectural theories that they too were obsessed about. Those contorted months of research, discovery, and heartache shouldn't be laid to rest once the grade is passed and the job is secured. In architectural schools across the country there are millions of budding ideas that could help reshape America in a forceful and promising way that never leave the classroom.

So, whose fault is it? Our professors, our future employers, our own? My theory is it's a mix of everything. It's the pressure that society, as we know it, puts on us to graduate, make money, spend money, marry, buy a house, have kids, grow old, and die. Is there room to develop our crazy ideas in this pre-packaged life that we're being sold? Barely.

Ideas, concepts, theories, etc. are great but think of how much more of an impact they would have if they were actually executed!

This essay is written with hopes to inspire students and recent graduates to keep those ideas and theories alive, and build on them! Make a difference by pushing your own ideas not someone else's. Think differently!

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